How We Help

Transparent Platform

Gain valuable insight to identify new opportunities for lowering costs, reducing risk, accelerating delivery times, improving customer service and growing revenues.

Automated Process

Collaborate more easily by integrating your business systems directly with those of your customers, suppliers and partners.


Gain a holistic, control tower view of your logistics processes with end-to-end visibility across your supply chain.

Big Data Power

Harness the power of data analytics by zeroing in on the most critical information and key performance indicators and bringing them forward in dashboards and alerts.

about quikhop

Quikhop is revolutionizing the way companies ship and haul full truckload freight.

By smoothly connecting shippers and carriers to a real-time logistics freight network, we make truck capacity and load availability more accessible for both ends of the spectrum. Quikhop is striving to bring shippers and carriers closer together in order to create a more efficient and transparent shipping process throughout India. Whether someone needs to simply hire a truck, book a load, find return load, or utilize the fleet management and driver management system available within qtm (quikhop transport management system); we have got it all covered.

Rather than simply adding layers of technology atop the existing processes; at quikhop, we are working from the ground up to transform the sector and simplify technological adoption in a conventionally fragmented sector.

Career at Quikhop

We would love to work with you and we are sure your are equally focussed on innovation and hold customer service highly. we want people who're just as passionate about helping businesses as we are.

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Our Features

  • Human Assistance

    Using the human resources to identifying the full potentials and manage the exceptions, providing the ultimate customer experience.

  • Real Time Tracking

    Monitoring every function in the flow eliminating obstacles like information and visibility gaps from the system with on time performance.

  • Multiple Channels

    Multi-channel or multi-device access produces competitive advantage over others. You have information stream flowing on the go.

  • Smart Technology

    Do more with fewer resources. Innovative ideas to strengthen the communication and information exchange between shippers and carriers.

  • Flexibility

    Flexibility in the system ensures we are better in adapting market shifts, balancing service demand and profitability

How It Works



Quikhop’s innovative solutions enable customers to streamline their supply chains and efficiently move goods and information across India.

  • Great Price & Experience Get the value you deserve and experience you can rely on. Picked up and delivered on time and billed accurately.
  • Qualified Truckers You get access of thousands of qualified truckers and carriers to help you moving your freights to places.
  • Real Time Tracking We are available across devices, so track your freight from anywhere and anytime.
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No more empty runs! Maximize loading space and increase profitability.

  • Quality Freights Remove all pain areas! Tell the routes you are looking for and our specialist will find the best matches for you.
  • No More Empty Runs Tired of driving empty miles? Now you can find quality freights on your route. Maximum utilization of your carriers is what you get at Quikhop.
  • No Hassle, Easy Payment Increase your sales by maximizing your runs. Quality freights are available on the tap of your finger with an easy access across devices.
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